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Customised evidence-based NUTRITION SUPPORT focused on the demands of modern-day life.


Customised to you, your pregnancy, or your child. 

Its time to put your health first, shake off the brain fog, feel more energetic, confident and bursting with vitality. Take the stress and hard work out of mealtime. Its time to feel good in the skin you're in and invest in your health. 

Whether you’re wanting too... 

  • Nutritionally manage a chronic disease or illness

  • Lose excessive weight

  • Improve your lifestyle, health & happiness

  • Take the stress out of mealtime 

  • Learn and implement simple nutrition and health strategies to optimise your day, energy, and lifestyle.

  • Be kept accountable & on track

  • Improve uncomfortable PMS symptoms

  • Manage uncomfortable digestive issues

  • Or just because you want to become the healthiest, happiest version of yourself possible.

       ...this program is suited to you.​


I also support paediatrics to supports babies, children, adolescents and their families through nutrition-related conditions and diseases that may arise, such as faltering growth, weight-related issues, nutrient deficiencies, breast and formula feeding, introducing solids and progressing through textures, allergies and intolerances, gastrointestinal issues, fussy eaters and cystic fibrosis. Dietetic supports focus on empowering families through education and simple nutrition strategies to meet their child’s nutritional requirements.

Preconception Health:

Preconception support focuses on optimising nutritional status, replenishing nutrient stores, moving towards a healthier weight, and commencing high-quality vital prenatal supplements to prepare ladies for conception, increase fertility and encourage a healthy, safe pregnancy.


Holistic preconception care focuses on a range of health parameters such as nutrition status, hormone levels, immune health, digestive function, microbiome diversity, nutrigenomics, exposure to environmental toxins and psychological stress.

Preconception nutrition care should be initiated at last 3 months prior to conception, or 4 months prior if clients are deemed high risk to support conception and to prepare the female body for pregnancy, with the ultimate benefit of creating the most ideal environment to support the growth of a healthy baby.

Pregnancy Health

Pregnancy support focuses on nutritionally guiding ladies through the critical time when the fetus relies solely on the mother for the vital nutrients required for healthy growth and cognitive development.

Support and education are tailored to the nutritional needs of the individual throughout each trimester while providing guidance and nutritional recommendations for common symptoms including nausea and vomiting, a weakened immune system, muscle aches, hormonal changes, sleep disturbances and food cravings.

Dietetic support is encouraged for all ladies prior to and during pregnancy, although is strongly recommended for those with PCOS, gestational diabetes, iron deficiency anemia, or those with an unhealthy prenatal weight. Consultations are recommended at the start and middle of each trimester.

Postnatal & Lactation

This time focuses on both mother and child collaboratively and individually to meet the needs of both. Mothers are supported towards a healthy postpartum weight without restricting essential nutrient for lactation. Postnatal nutritional guidance is greatly beneficial as the mothers intake greatly influences the vitamin and mineral composition of breast milk to promote infants growth, cognitive development and long term health.

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Nikki Brown-Shepherd


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