Hi, I’m Nikki Brown-Shepherd, a fully qualified Dietitian living on the southern Gold Coast Queensland. I’m the founder of Wholistic Dietetics, a business build-out of a passion for helping those around me achieve great health through food and nutrition intake. 


As a proud member of Dietitians Australia and an evidence-based practitioner,  I am passionate about and focus on connecting clients to their nutritional needs to allow their body to function optimally. I practise this with a holistic approach by combining the most up-to-date research, individualised comprehensive nutrition analysis, counselling, education and evidenced-based dietetic medicine delivered to my clients in simple customised nutritional guides and strategies to promote greater health and wellbeing.


I have completed a dual degree in Nutrition and Dietetics and Exercise Science at Griffith University Gold Coast, with further studies and experience in paediatrics and maternal health. Research continues to be a great interest of mine, especially in pre and postnatal period to improve pregnancy outcomes, decrease the risk of medical conditions and illness in offspring, nutrients to optimise the cognitive and physical health of babies, and postnatal weight loss.


Another strong interest is the multisystem treatment of autism spectrum disorder to improve food behaviours, food acceptance, mental wellbeing, behaviours and manage symptoms associated to improve the health and wellbeing of the child.  


The clinical experience within paediatrics ranges from growth and feeding concerns, digestive health, nutrient deficiency, food refusal, chronic health concerns, tube feeding, ASD, ADHD, cerebral palsy, preterm infants, allergies and intolerances. 


Within adults, specifically ladies, I have clinical experience and a passion for; pre and postnatal health, sustainable weight loss, mental health, digestive health, optimising energy and cognitive health, simplifying healthy eating and premenstrual syndrome.  


When I’m not busy at work, you will find me moving and grooving along the coastline on my motorbike, skateboard or surfboard, soaking up the sunshine on the beautiful Gold Coast. 

Feel free to reach out for a chat, to say hello or any questions related to my dietetic services.


Nikki Brown-Shepherd

Accreditated Practising Dietitian



Nikki Brown-Shepherd Dietitian







07) 5604 1121

John Flynn Private Hospital Specialist Suites
42 Inland Drive, Tugan 4224

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