Dietary Anaylsis

What is a dietary analysis? 

A dietary analysis provides your paediatric dietitian with an accurate understanding of your child's current dietary intake so dietary support can be individualised to your child needs. 


It involves recording your child's intake over 3-5 days in a phone app, once complete this can be shared with your paediatric dietitian for analysis.  


Why is it important?

One of the reasons we eat food is to provide our body with the essential nutrients it requires to support our health, growth, movement, brain function and any medical concerns.


If our dietary intake does not meet our body's demands, one can expect that physical or cognitive health problems will present in the near or far future, as nutrients from food are the raw ingredients our body requires for proper functioning. 


Setting up Easy Diet Diary for a dietary analysis 

Easy Diet Diary is used for dietary analysis, as your food diary can be shared with your practitioner for analysis at your next appointment. 

  1. Download Easy Diet Diary from Google Play or the Apple App Store. 

  2. Open the app, and sign up for a free Easy Diet Diary account.

  3. Follow the steps to enter your child's details, including gender, date of birth and current weight.

  4. You do not have to fill in ‘weight goal’ or ‘energy goal’ as this isn't appropriate for the initial investigations. 

  5. For track exercise, select ‘do not track’

  6. Confirm your email address, this step is essential to be able to share your food diary with your practitioner.

Key points to remember when logging your child's intake to ensure accuracy

  • Log the food your child consumes, not the food that is offered

  • Be as precise as you can with the portion consumed. 

  • Different parts of the meal should be recorded separately, for example, instead of typing in ‘avocado toast’ add each item separately: avocado (¼ medium) + rye bread (1 slice) + butter (½ tsp) + hemp seeds (½ tsp).

  • You can use the barcode scanner (top right-hand corner after you select the meal) for any packaged foods instead of searching for them.

  • Don't change eating habits just because it's being analysed. 

How to log your child's intake

  1. On the Diary screen tap + to add food

  2. Select the meal

  3. Log each part of the meal (for example, porridge = oats + milk + strawberries), including quantity. 

  4. You can record notes, or add a picture if you wish. 

  5. Continue this for 3-5 days

  6. Once complete, share this with your practitioner. 


How to share with your nutrition practitioner

  • More 

  • Settings

  • Email to your nutrition professional 

  • Last 7 days 

  • Add in ‘nutrition professional email’

  • Ensure you have confirmed your email, otherwise, you cannot share your food diary. 


When to complete a dietary analysis? 

Dietary analysis allows us to see your child's progress with their dietary intake and where energy and support should be focused. Your paediatric dietitian will advise the frequency required, which may be monthly or every three months.