What dietetic support can assist you with:

  • Losing xcessive weight

  • Increasing energy, concentration and digestive health

  • Improving your health and wellbeing with sustainable healthy eating habits

  • Take the stress out of mealtime 

  • Optimise your pre and postnatal health

  • Ensure you are kept accountable & on the right track

  • PMS

  • Digestive and gut health

  • Teach you how to manage a disease or condition, such as diabetes, reflux, PCOS, nutrient deficiencies to improve health

  • Becoming the healthiest, happiest version of yourself possible.
    Personalised dietetic support will get you there.

Dietetic support details:​

  • A consultation at the commencement of the program to gain a deep understanding of you & your lifestyle to guide the creation of your customised nutrition plan. This time together covers everything from a medical background to your physical, mental and digestive health, to your goals and desires, with discussion & strategies on how to improve your nutritional health and move towards your goals.

  • A comprehensive analysis of your current intake to highlight the nutrition practises impacting your health and progression towards your goals.

  • Dietetic support provides nutrition management for diabetes, food intolerances, obesity, allergies, digestive complaints, chronic fatigue, hypertension, weight management, PMS, distorted eating, hormone imbalances, liver disease, blood lipid management and iron deficiency anaemia.

  • Option to add customised nutrition plan that meets 100% of your macronutrient (carbs, proteins, fats, fibre) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) requirements

Customised nutrition plan details: 

  • A nutrition and meal plan completely customised to you, an addition that provides you with holistic and complete dietetic care. 

  • Focuses on saving time in the kitchen, less food waste, healthy alternatives to favourite meals, foods to nourish your body and ingredient alternatives.

  • 7-day weekly meal plan, with multiple food options each meal and snack.

  • Additional flexible meal template, giving you the power to create a meal within your requirements.

  • Shopping list for convenience, and to buy the products best for your health. 

  • Delicious and wholesome recipes for each meal  

  • Supplement plan, if required

  • For further information on a customised meal plan click below


Fees Associated:

Dietetic consultation $100 (45-1hr)

Customised nutrition plan from $150


John Flynn Private Hospital

Specialist Suites Medical Centre

42 Inland Drive, Tugun, QLD

Pram, baby, breastfeeding, child friendly. Parking & lifts available.

Business is as usual throughout COVID, safe practices are in place to stop the spread. 

Medicare rebates:

With a referral from your GP, associated fees will be greatly reduced for chronic disease & obesity. Medicare covers ~$534 per visit, you will only be required to pay the gap.


Private Health cover:

Private Health helps cover the dietetic services fees without a GP referral. Check with your insurance company to learn your level of cover. A receipt will be provided to claim your rebate back from your private health insurance.

Please don't hesitate to get in contact for further information.

Nikki Brown-Shepherd

Accreditated Practising Dietitian


Ph: 0467 645 544 








07) 5604 1121

John Flynn Private Hospital Specialist Suites
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