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Whether you're wanting to:

  • Increasing energy, concentration and digestive health

  • Correct nutrient deficiencies affecting your health and welling

  • Lose body fat

  • Get holistic customised nutrition and meal plan suited to your needs

  • Optimise your pre and postnatal health

  • Be kept accountable 

  • Manage uncomfortable PMS symptoms

  • Manage diabetes, reflux, digestive concerns. infertility, PCOS, chronic fatigue, lipid profile, genetic SNPs, liver disease, or  mental health through nutrition therapy

  • Becoming the healthiest, happiest version of yourself possible.
    Dietetic support will give you the knowledge, skills and power to get you there.

Dietetic support details:​

  • A consultation at the commencement of the program to gain a deep understanding of you & your lifestyle to guide the creation of your customised nutrition plan. This time together covers everything from a medical background to your physical, mental and digestive health, to your goals and desires, with discussion & strategies on how to improve your nutritional health and move towards your goals.

  • A comprehensive analysis of your current intake to highlight the nutrition practises impacting your health and progression towards your goals, with strategies to improve these practices and your health. 

  • Nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.

  • Option to add customised nutrition plan that meets 100% of your macronutrient (carbs, proteins, fats, fibre) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) requirements.

Customised nutrition plan details: 

  • A nutrition and meal plan completely customised to you, an addition that provides you with holistic and complete dietetic care. 

  • It focuses on saving time in the kitchen, less food waste, family favourite meals, foods to nourish your body and ingredient alternatives.

  • 7-day weekly meal plan, with multiple food options each meal and snack.

  • Additional flexible meal template, giving you the power to create a meal within your requirements.

  • Shopping list for convenience, and to buy the products best for your health. 

  • Delicious and wholesome recipes for each meal, with the ability to add additional options when needed.

  • Alteration to your plan at follows up appointments to continue your progress.

  • Supplement plan, if required



John Flynn Private Hospital

Specialist Suites Medical Centre

42 Inland Drive, Tugun, QLD

Pram, baby, breastfeeding, child friendly. Parking & lifts available.

Business is as usual throughout COVID, safe practices are in place to stop the spread. 

Medicare rebates:

With a referral from your GP, associated fees will be greatly reduced for chronic disease & obesity. Medicare covers ~$54 per visit, you will only be required to pay the gap.


Private Health cover:

Private Health helps cover the dietetic services fees without a GP referral. Check with your insurance company to learn your level of cover. A receipt will be provided to claim your rebate back from your private health insurance.

Please don't hesitate to get in contact for further information.

Nikki Brown-Shepherd

Accreditated Practising Dietitian

Ph: 0467 645 544 

Nutrition & Dietetic Support