6 ways to fight off the cold, naturally...

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

I'm not here to tell you about magic potions, spells & old wives tails to help you overcome the common cold, I am here to help you avoid running to the chemist or doctor to get a dose of the latest & greatest cold & flu tablets.

I'm definitely not telling you to skip seeing your doctor if you feel you need too, but here are some handy tips & tricks to help alleviate the snotty nose and sore throat.

Give them a go, and please let me know your thoughts or what also works for you in the comments.

1. Honey: Honey is antimicrobial which means it contains a compound that kills or slows the growth of the bad microorganisms that are contributing to your cold. This compound is called propolysis, as well as being antimicrobial it is also a cough suppressant. When compared against codeine (50mg), which is also a cough suppressant it was found that honey was just as effective as codeine at stopping regular coughing. 

2. Ginger Root: Ginger has been safely used for years to treat and alleviate many health problems, including nausea, arthritist and common colds. Ginger helps ease congestion and induce involuntary perspiration and an increase in body temperature that assists to reduce fever, cool the body, and speed the elimination of toxins from the system.

If you are feeling a cold coming on, try a simple ginger tea to help fight it off. See my go to recipe here.

3. Vitamin C: Vitamin C is my go to when I am feeling run down, usually most of us do not receive enough through dietary intake when we are well, let alone when we need to fight off a cold. It works exceptionally well as an antiviral & a natural antibiotic. A recent study reported in the group of individuals correctly administered Vitamin C decreased flu and cold symptoms by 85% compared with the control group who didn't receive Vitamin C. Please contact me if you would like me to help correctly dose Vitamin C. (5, 6).

As a health practitioner, I highly recommend this vitamin C powder because it is not only very high quality but it also taste great too.

4. Dark Chocolate (>70% Cocoa)

Dark chocolate can effectively sooth a harsh cough. Studies highlighted that dark chocolate was actually shown to be more effective than honey and codeine. What a great excuse to nibble on some dark chocolate!

5. Andrographis

Andrographis is a natural herb used for hundreds of years in Chinese medicine as 'cold medicine.' It stimulates the immune system causing a reduction the severity of common cold symptoms such as a sore throat & infected lungs. (1,2,3,4). Click here to see where you can find Andrographis.

6. Chicken Soup / Chicken Stock: We all know that a hearty homemade chicken soup warms the soul when you aren't feeling so well, but now there is evidence to prove it! When chicken soup is made using the bones, or alternately a chicken broth your body is provided with an array of micronutrients for help, immunity and wellbeing. The main helpers when we are slurping down chicken soup while fighting the cold are glucosamine, electrolytes, potassium, zinc magnesium and sodium. Sodium is rehydrating, causing us to retain more of the fluids we consume being beneficial because we usually become dehydrated when we are unwell with the cold. Sodium and zinc also boosts a part of the immune system that ramp up to kill bugs. 

When I have minimal to brew my own broth, so I choose to buy high quality bone broth powder which can be used to not only make soup, but added to many different types of foods to get your nutrient levels up. I really enjoy (both the taste & convenience) of the 'Chicken Wellbeing Gut' from Nutra Organics'

Otherwise try my bone broth recipe for an affordale, nutritious option!

So slurp away suckers, and feel better soon.

How to decrease your risk of getting sick by building a healthy immune system: Eat a diet high in nutrients by eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, and high quality grains, with a low intake of saturated fat and simple carbohydrates.

Move your body daily and make sure you get outdoors for regular sun exposure because being deficient in vitamin D has been linked to recurrent infections.

Ensure you gain, or maintain a healthy weight and only drink alcohol in moderation only. Definitely don’t smoke, and make sure you get adequate, and learn to manage stress.

Let me know your feedback.

Speak soon,


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