Nutrient Dense Curry.

Updated: Aug 10, 2019

It was a challenge for me to write a recipe for curry, I usually chop up whatever vegetables are in the fridge, add some coconut milk, curry paste, and some hemp, nutritional yeast, and mushrooms for a nutrient rich, filling meal.


Chickpeas (or protein alternative) 1 cup of spinach 1 broccolini floret

2 spears of asparagus

½ a cup of Enoki & Shiitake mushrooms ½ a cup of green beans ¼ medium capsicum

125ml of light coconut cream 1tbsp of curry paste (I added green curry paste today, but I always mix it up to keep it spicy)

1 tbsp of nutritional yeast 1 tbsp hemp seeds 1 tsp of sunflower kernels


1. Soften vegetables on a low heat,

2. Combine curry paste, coconut milk, and nutritional yeast in a cup before pouring it over the vegetables,

3. Add seeds, and protein (cooked prior if required) before serving. 

This meal can be served with rice, sweet potato or sprouted bread.

If you're a Wholistic Health client and would enjoy this meal as part of your plan, please get in contact with me: so I can alter the quantities to fit your requirements!

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