Homemade Dukkah (DOO-kah).

It originated from Egypt and made its way into a little bowl you dip your oily piece of bread in at a picnic, or on top of your avo & feta toast at your local cafe, or a crust on a poultry meal... Wherever it is, this crunchy little mix of spice is delicious & I decided to make my own.

I whipped up a large jar of Dukkah whilst preparing my breakfast this morning, so if I calculated right, I wasted zero minutes on something that will last me months.

Recipe: 1/2 a cup of hazelnuts 2 tbsp of sunflower kernels 1 handful of almond

1 tsp of fennel seeds 3 tbsp of coriander seeds 3 tbsp of white sesame seeds 2 tbsp of hemp seeds 1 tbsp of cumin 1 tsp of fresh cracked black pepper 1 tsp of Himalayan salt

Method: 1. Lightly roast the hazelnuts, almonds and sunflower kernels in a frypan on medium heat. Remove and pour into a blender until the mixture has small crunchy pieces. Be careful not to overland into a powder.

2. Lightly roast the fennel, coriander and sesame seeds & add to the blended mix. Pulse the blender 2-3 times to combine.

3. Combine the remaining ingredients and pour into a glass jar.

Some tasty ways to use Dukkah: - Sprinkle it on your morning avocado & feta toast. - Take it to picnics to dip dip covered bread or crackers in. - Sprinkle it on your poached or scrambled eggs.

- Add it to salads or on cooked vegetables. - As a crust on poultry or fish, be careful not to burn the nuts! Let me know in the comments below what other ideas you can sprinkle this magical spice on.

I hope you enjoy.


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