Salmon & Greens.

Updated: Jan 7

After the minimal minutes it made to whip up this bowl of greatness, I sat pondering in the sun enjoying every last slurpy mouthfull.

I call this one, the Salmon & Green's Bowl. Yeah.

You'll need;

1 salmon steak

Minced ginger & garlic 1 tbsp of bone broth powder 6 bok choy leaves 2 broccolini's

1 cup of spinach (You can literally add any vegetable you like, go nuts) 1 tbsp of hemp seeds 1/2 a tsp of sesame oil 1 tsp of each; sunflower kernels & pepita's Cooking oil of choice (I used coconut)

Flaked chili & Himylayan Salt

What you'll do: a) Add minced garlic, ginger & oil into a small pot & stirfry vegetables. b) Add minced garlic, ginger & oil into a small frypan & cook the salmon through. c) Mix bone broth powder with 1 cup of hot water. d) Mix a, b & c into a bowl & sprinkle everything else on before consuming.


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