Updated: Aug 10, 2019


It is pronounced Shak-shoe-ka... Which I translate to delicious, spicy eggs with a handful of my favourite vegetables.

This serves 1, but I recommend making double for leftovers or that special someone.

1. Chop up the vegetables: - 1 cup of spinach - 1 broccolini tree - 2 asparagus spears - 1/2 a capsicum - 1 spring onions - ~4 button mushrooms

2. On the stove top, drizzle a bit little extra virgin-olive oil in a small pan on medium heat, add in the mushrooms, broccolini, and asparagus with some garlic, chilli (if desired), paprika, and turmeric (optional). Stir frequently.

3. Once the above vegetables are slightly softened, add 1/2 can of diced canned tomatoes (pick a low sugar/salt brand) and the rest of the vegetables. Simmer down until the tomato mixture begins to reduce.

4. I would recommend a tiny taste test, check your spiciness. Add any extra seasoning & if required.

Optional: add in a few sliced jalapeños, 1/4 can of rinsed kidney beans or some bocconcini.

5. Crack some good quality eggs in small holes you have made in the mixture.

6. To cook the eggs, there are a few options... I personally just put a wooden chopping board or lid over the fry-pan to steam the eggs. Otherwise, pop the pan (if its oven proof) into a hot oven (~180 degrees) to bake until the eggs to your liking.

Serve with, or without a side of toast, Enjoy!


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