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Nikki has special interests and passion for supporting pre-term babies to reach optimal health and developmental milestones. 

Preterm infants have limited stores of many nutrients as accretion occurs predominantly in the last trimester of pregnancy. The early nutritional management of preterm infants can be vital to the child's short and long term health.


Support focuses on ensuring the baby receives the correct balance of nutrients they need, whether that be via boob, bottle, tube or family foods to support healthy growth and development by evidenced-based and safe nutrition therapy. 


Management of preterm infants usually includes collaboration with your GP or paediatrician to provide the best management to improve your child's symptoms and health. 


Feel more confident in giving your preemie the healthiest start to life, book your initial consultation or click here to discuss support further. 

Click here to book an initial consultation, or click here to discuss therapy further. 


Initial consultation: $100 - $140 (1 hour - 1.5 hours)
Review consultation: $75- $100 (30 minutes to 1 hour)

If required, there may be additional fees for further testing & nutritional supplementation.

No referral required but may offset some of the associated fees. 

Telehealth (online) appointments are available. Click here to book an online consultation.


Tiny Tots Paediatrics

John Flynn Private Hospital Specialist Suites 

Suit 602, Level 6 (Tiny Tots Paediatrics)

For alternative appointments, please get in touch.

Medicare rebates:

With a referral from your GP, associated fees will be greatly reduced for chronic disease & obesity. When using a medicare rebate, you are only required to pay the gap. 


Private Health cover:

Private Health helps cover the dietetic services fees without a GP referral. Check with your insurance company to learn your level of cover. 

We will issue you a receipt which you need to use to claim your eligible rebate back from your chosen insurance.

Please don't hesitate to get in contact for further information.